About The Joe We Know
Many Delawareans have stories of President-elect Joe Biden. Here are a few you likely haven’t heard.
by Jim Miller, January 2021

“Great stories. Makes you very proud to have him going to the White House.”
— Lou Rosenberg

“My friend has a great story about how Joe had my friend’s company do work on his house and then stiffed them for a 40k bill! There’s a good story for ya! They couldn’t go after him in court because Joe uses his team of government paid lawyers.”
— Valentino DiEmedio

About From the Publisher
Not Our First Rodeo
By Jerry DuPhily, January 2021

“Don’t forget Bob Marley & Mike Spinks!”
— Patricia M. Peacock

“And what about the Kalmar Nyckel and other events in early American History?”
— Angela Drooz

“Oh, I do love how you write. I always enjoy your page on Out & About. But this?!!! Perfection!!!”
— Sue Thomas

About From the Publisher
Putting Out The Fire
By Jerry DuPhily, February 2021

“Thank you for your write up in the February Issue of Out and About. You were able to articulate my exact train of thoughts and emotions over the past few years. I appreciate your insight and look forward to reading more of your political perspective.”
— Nicole M. Homer

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