About Post-Pandemic Resurgence
With a new executive director, the Delaware Art Museum is emphasizing diversity and First State talent while undergoing a major reinstallation
By Bob Yearick, August 2021

Thank you so much for your recent article in Out & About.
I appreciate the time you took to delve into Molly Giordano’s leadership and the many ways the Museum is changing to serve the public. Articles like yours powerfully demonstrate why support for the arts is vital to our community.
— Amelia Wiggins

About Artful Approach
Instead of treating arts funding as philanthropy, why not treat it like an investment? And the beauty of this investment: the returns are both immediate and long-term.
By Jerry duPhily, August 2021

I hope Delaware takes advantage of ARPA tourism dollars to support the arts here! Thanks for your post!
— Kirsten McGregor

I TOTALLY concur with you, Jerry. The Arts are the PIVOT
of our Economy and Society.
— Eunice LaFate

About Three’s Company
Sleeping Bird Coffee is the latest addition to the burgeoning Miller Road Station
By Matt Morrissette, July 2021

Just had lunch there today. SO GOOD. I had The Sparrow. If PB&J and grilled cheese had a baby it would be The Sparrow. Thank you Sleeping Bird Coffee I will be back soon
— Anne Marie Waterhouse

Tried this new spot this morning. It was so good and very busy! I will definitely go back again! Maple biscuits=WOW
— Laura Leslie

My girlfriend told me they have really good breakfast sandwiches over there also
— @day_one_adventures

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