About The Joe We Know
Many Delawareans have stories of President-elect Joe Biden. Here are a few you likely haven’t heard.
By Jim Miller, January 2021

“Great stories. Makes you very proud to have him going to the White House.”
– Lou Rosenberg

“Good man. Good family.”
– Jim Kelly

“Jim Miller thanks for compiling these stories… I’m sure you could have kept writing. Seems like everybody wf talk with has a situation to share. Good stuff.”
– Darren White

“My friend has a great story about how Joe had my friends company do work on his house and then stiffed them for a 40k bill! There’s a good story for ya! They couldn’t go after him in court because Joe uses his team of government paid lawyers.”
– Valentino DiEmedio

About From the Publisher
Not Our First Rodeo
By Jerry duPhily, January 2021

“Couldn’t have said it better.”
– Carol Rudney Kipp

“Good article! Thanks for pointing out these other very significant people/events.”
– Paula Gatos

“Don’t forget Bob Marley & Mike Spinks!”
– Patricia M. Peacock

“And what about the Kalmar Nyckel and other events in early American History?”
– Angela Drooz

“Oh, I do live how you write. I always enjoy your page on Out & About. But this?!!! Perfection!!!”
– Sue Thomas

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