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Amish Bike Tour

It’s tough for cyclists in New Castle County to find flat riding terrain. For those looking for a break from the hills, the Amish Bike Tour, held every September in Kent County, is a ride you should try. It’s Delaware’s oldest continuous ride (34 years in 2020) and offers a flat, low-traffic tour that departs from Legislative Mall in Downtown Dover and explores the quiet roads west into Amish country. One rest stop even features Amish desserts. The ride offers multiple distance options and regularly draws more than 1,200 riders. Proceeds benefit the advocacy efforts of Bike Delaware. Visit for details.

— Jerry duPhily, Publisher

Deviled Eggs    

As the name implies, deviled eggs are tempting. Like Eve to the apple, if I see deviled eggs on a menu, curiosity sets in and it’s nearly impossible to say no.

Kid Shelleen’s makes the decision easy with a classic serving that includes smoked paprika oil. On its happy hour menu, Columbus Inn has been offering BLT Deviled Eggs, which is a delicious combination. And in the “Most Innovative” category is the Fried Deviled Eggs on Tonic’s bar menu, a treat that might qualify me as a bonified addict.

— Jim Miller, Director of Publications

Nurture Through Nature

In Wilmington, we’re lucky to have many surrounding areas where we can immerse ourselves in nature. Lately I’ve been spending early mornings and lunch breaks on the Wilmington Riverfront, mostly at the Russell Peterson Wildlife Refuge. I like to sit and observe, walk and sometimes snap photos of the local wildlife and native plants and trees. Also, there’s the Jack Markell Trail, which connects Wilmington to Historic New Castle. I highly recommend it. It features beautiful views of our city from atop the bridges that are part of the trail.

— Matthew Loeb, Production Manager


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