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Fresh Express
Right over the Pennsylvania line, in Booth’s Corner Farmer’s Market, family-run Grecian Delights recently opened Fresh Express, a sister store, to continue its healthy food options. Located just behind Grecian Delights, Fresh Express offers gourmet chicken salads (three that are mayo-free) and a variety of other quick and healthy foods, including roasted veggies and quinoa. Also available is a delicious sit-down menu.
— Bob Yearick, Contributing Editor

Savanna Salad Bowls & Sandwiches
Savanna, which opened in the Riverfront Market in March, is a great example of the growing number of food venues offering more quick-but-healthy options. A creation of the Hakuna Hospitality Group, which owns and operates La Taqueria, the popular burrito stand next to it, Savanna focuses largely on lighter fare such as grain bowls and salads. The bowls come in specialty types such as the beef teriyaki topped with sesame dressing, or the On The Border, a Tex-Mex option that adds kale, northern beans and pumpkin seeds. Or as burrito fans can do at La Taqueria, you can create your own bowl choosing from three options of lettuces, four grains, a multitude of veggies, fruits, seeds and cheeses, and 11 dressings and five items from the chargrill.
— Jim Miller, Director of Publications

Main Street Market in Smyrna
Main Street Market, originally known as Graham’s Market, is a small shop located at 140 S. Main Street, Smyrna. It’s been a hometown staple for more than four generations, thanks to its home-style cooking, family-friendly atmosphere, daily specials and breakfast all day long. My favorite menu item is their sub, which is loaded with so much meat and cheese that they’re impossible to close. The staff is always friendly and as sweet as their dessert selection, which includes brownies and hand-dipped ice cream as well as, on some days, éclair cake.
— Lanna Peck, Intern

Brewed Awakenings
If you’re a coffee connoisseur or just someone who wants to get to know your Delaware, this small Newark coffee shop is the place for you. When I moved to Delaware, I didn’t know a soul. Then I wandered into Brewed Awakenings, at 64 E. Main St., for a cup of tea. The staff was extremely welcoming and gave me suggestions on how to get to know Delaware and all it has to offer. The cozy environment includes tables to share with friends and a comfy couch for lounging. There are board games and books that are free to use. That’s not to mention an extensive menu, complete with lattes, teas, bagels, sandwiches and more. On top of all that, they are a non-profit organization that supports women in Burundi. Each year, the owners travel to Burundi to buy handmade bags and baskets to sell in the coffee shop. I have met a number of incredible people in Brewed Awakenings and now it’s my favorite place to get work done, catch up with old friends, or grab a delicious lunch.
— Kaleigh Hanson, Intern

Out & About Staff
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