Old Fashioned Destinations

During the pandemic, the hubby and I took full advantage of take-out cocktails. Being bourbon lovers, we frequently ordered old fashioneds. Two of the best we’ve had come from Farmer & Cow and Crow Bar, both in Wilmington. Mike Day of F&C told us at the time that he missed making drinks for people during the shutdown. He certainly put his all into making ours, each and every time. The crafters behind Andrea Sikora’s Crow Bar did the same. I still order an old fashioned at both locations to start an evening of fun.

— Michelle Kramer-Fitzgerald, Contributing Writer

WBW Artic Slush

What’s better than enjoying a cold beer on a hot summer day? How about an Artic Slushie from Wilmington Brew Works. The “playfully pretentious” brewery is serving up three at any one time Wednesday through Sunday. There’s the Beer Slushie, using one of their fruited sours; the Cider Slushie, using one of their flavored ciders; and the non-alcoholic Soda Slushie, using their Italian soda syrups (rum or vodka can be added). Each are 12oz and are $8 (the non-alcoholic Soda Slushie is $5).

— Amy Watson-Bish, Special Projects 

V&M Barlour

Vincenza & Margherita Italian American Bistro in North Wilmington has a banging Neapolitan pizza and delectable veal dishes, but don’t miss V&M’s Barlour menu — part ice cream parlor and part cocktail bar. Boozy ice cream flavors include vodka mint chocolate chip and CBD-infused bourbon cherry vanilla.

— Pam George, Contributing Writer

Little Goat Cold Brew Soda

There’s no doubt that the good people at Little Goat Coffee Roasters in Newark create some delicious caffeinated beverages. One that sticks out on their menu is the cold brew soda. With a small boost of caffeine, two flavors (strawberry cardamom and blood orange), and just enough bubbles to make you say “ah” after a long sip, Little Goat’s cold brew soda is a must-try pick-me-up this summer.

— David Ferguson, Contributing Writer

They’re Crafty

Torbert Street Social prides themselves on their craft cocktail program, and they should. It’s an inventive menu, with several creations I’ve given a double take and a raised eyebrow. But I was impressed with each one I tried. My faves? Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragonfruit — a tall, neon pink libation with dehydrated yogurt around the rim, and a mix of top-shelf vodka, aperol, lemon, dragonfruit simple syrup and club. Or the All About the Benjamins (Milk Punch) — a slightly sweet, yet warm & spicy drink with a vodka base, cinnamon clove simple syrup, lemon & pineapple juice and, yes, milk. Ask them how it’s made. Want something more “mainstream”? How about Bird and the Bees, with lavender-infused gin, honey and lemon.

— Michelle Kramer-Fitzgerald, Contributing Writer

2sp’s Bogey Summer Ale

As its name implies, the Bogey has a bit of a deviant streak, particularly for a summer ale. Why? Because it’s not boring.

Instead, the Bogey sticks out in a crowd. It’s got an orange taffy sweetness paired with a considerable hop kick, which comes from the Mandarina Bavaria varietal. In this way, it’s distinctive and memorable. 

On the other hand, this brew is easy to drink, which is where it aligns nicely with other summer ales. Bogey’s scorecard reads 5.5% ABV. It feels lighter than that — not so much on the palate — but definitely in the breezy manner in which it goes down the fairway, so to speak.

— Jim Miller, Director of Publications

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