Dallas Shaw Recreates Blitzen Magic

Photos by Moonloop Photography

Last year at this time, Blitzen was the talk of the town. The downtown pop-up Christmas bar not only gave Wilmingtonians a novel place to mingle during the holidays, it showcased the creative genius of designer/illustrator Dallas Shaw.

Dallas Shaw enjoy the fruits of her labor at Blitzen. Photo by Moonloop Photography.

Blitzen is performing an encore this holiday season, with the re-opening set for this week (tentatively Nov. 11). Located a 220 W. 9th Street, this year’s version will offer a much-expanded footprint that will allow management to better adhere to COVID-19 regulations.

Blitzen, Wilmington’s pop-up bar is re-opening with a much-expanded footprint that will adhere to COVID-19 regulations. Photo by Moonloop Photography.

“I had been to a bunch of pop-ups before that were done poorly and I wanted to do one better visually,” says Shaw, whose resume includes work for Walt Disney World, Oscar de la Renta, Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren, and Estée Lauder. “There is storytelling behind it—people [are] invited into Blitzen’s home. I wanted an atmosphere that people would come back to.

“The success of [Blitzen] proved that people in Wilmington are looking for the same beautiful concepts that people are looking for in New York City and Los Angeles.”

In the December issue of Out & About, you can read more about Shaw and her next projects planned for Wilmington. In the meantime, check out her current work at Blitzen.

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