Ordinary People

OK, so being the publisher of an entertainment magazine isn’t the best position to be in entering a pandemic. Ah, the acuity of hindsight.

On the other hand, being a storyteller during a pandemic is a unique opportunity. Over the past nine months, we’ve been able to report on how the worst of times can bring out the best in people. Being able to share those stories is a privilege.

Stories such as the front-line healthcare workers at ChristianaCare whom we profiled in April. Or the grocery store workers at ShopRite whom we wrote about in May. While uncertainty swirled regarding even the slightest interpersonal contact, these workers put aside health risks to soothe and serve a frightened public.

In June, restaurants were our focus. As the virus was dealing a staggering blow to their businesses, many local eateries chose to focus on others. So, they donated food, prepared meals, and delivered encouraging words along with lunch and dinner to hospital staff unable to leave their posts.

After the death of George Floyd and the unrest that ensued, we turned over our July issue to respected voices from our Black community. This insightful collection of guest editors pulled no punches. They also reminded us how illuminating it can be to truly listen.

In August, we discussed the upcoming elections and revisited moments in history that underscore the fact that every vote counts. And during the past three months, we’ve shared the stories of inspiring people in our community such as Larry Morris, Eunice LaFate, Andre Harris, Jeremy Moore, Jonathan Whitney…

Out & About has been around for more than three decades now. There is no shortage of these stories.

In fact, we have a few more for you in this issue. In our Worth Recognizing column, Adriana Camacho-Church spotlights Margaret Guy and the efforts of her Stop the Violence Prayer Chain Foundation. Also, Larry Nagengast details the inspiring team effort taking place on Wilmington’s West Side. Finally, in our People to the Rescue feature on page 26, we highlight 10 local people doing inspiring things to move our community forward.

There will be many lessons learned from our experiences in 2020. Let’s hope this is one: Leadership doesn’t always come from the top. Often, it’s best exemplified by the efforts of our neighbors-—just ordinary people, doing extraordinary things.

— Jerry duPhily

Jerry duPhily
Since 1988, Out & About has informed our audience of entertainment options in Greater Wilmington through a monthly variety magazine. Today, that connection has expanded to include social networking, a weekly newsletter, and a comprehensive website. We also create, manage, and sponsor local events.