Hoochi Coochi finally get their due with the release of their new EP

Venturing down novel sonic avenues with a new line-up of musicians, Hoochi Coochi was looking forward to releasing The Watershed, their most recent EP, shortly after their well-received performance at Philadelphia’s City Winery in March. Then, of course, the pandemic happened, and everything relating to schedules was suddenly up in the air.

“We recorded this music over a two-year time period and had been so excited to release and tour in spring,” says Danielle Johnson, the band’s lead singer and co-founder. “Then we went through line-up changes, COVID and a slew of protests and riots all over the world and felt too drained to prepare a music release.

“After getting our bearings together and spending some time reflecting, we’re excited to give our fans something to help them through this unpredictable and very touch-and-go time.”

True to her words, Johnson and company performed an EP-release show at The Queen on Friday, November 20, giving their audience a glimmer of light and hope for things in the future before an uncertain winter season. For Johnson, it was the perfect opportunity as she feels the live performances are the band’s strongest suit.

“I don’t care what kind of genre of music you like, the amount of fun and sincerity we bring to any event or stage is undeniable,” Johnson says. “That’s always been our biggest compliment when we get off stage. The audience pulls from us and we pull from them. It’s one giant exchange of energy and has been our selling point since our conception in 2015.”

On The Watershed, Hoochi Coochi worked with producers Brian McTear from Miner Street Studios and Ted Richardson from TedAudio to capture the mood of the band’s new rock and urban style.

To purchase the EP and for more info go to HoochiCoochi.net.

Jim Miller
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