These 16 spots are worth trying

PureBread Deli
Various locations
pb_1-dobermanThis café—with locations in Wilmington, Greenville, Pike Creek, Christiana and Glenn Mills—is a step up from traditional fare but still maintains the informal atmosphere one may expect of a breakfast spot. You really won’t see anything fried or greasy here; think more cold sandwiches, freshly-baked muffins, grilled paninis. My go-to is the smoked salmon sandwich, the Doberman, a classic lox including, of course, cream cheese, red onion, capers and tomato on your choice of toasted bagel.
— Krista Connor, Associate Editor

1117 Smithbridge Rd., Glen Mills, Pa.
It would be easy to miss this quaint little eatery situated just over the Pennsylvania line at Route 202 and Smithbridge Road; the place can’t be larger than 600 square feet. But if you have a small group looking for a consistent breakfast spot, pay Meghan’s a visit (the place isn’t conducive to parties of six or more). Be prepared to eat immediately after ordering; the service is that fast. Meghan’s delivers a solid performance on all the breakfast basics. Their western omelet is my go-to item.
— Jerry duPhily, Publisher

Angelo’s Luncheonette
1722 N. Scott St., Wilmington
img_6175-cmykDare I say Angelo’s hot (spicy) sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich on wheat toast (to go) is my favorite breakfast sandwich so far? And I loved feeling as though I had walked into a 1960s’ neighborhood luncheonette. The atmosphere was welcoming and the staff was too. They added the perfect amount of hot sauce and I was on my way. I can’t wait to go back.
— Matt Loeb, Creative Director & Production Manager

Lucky’s Coffee Shop
Rt. 202 near Silverside
With a cool 1950s vibe, this spot offers all the amenities you would expect from a diner—with a spin. I recommend ordering from the “Way Cooler Breakfast Items” section of the menu. My menu items of choice are the eggs Benedict and a side of biscuits. With a Sputnik Chandelier in the entryway, the egg shell chair in the back corner, great tunes on the speakers, and a stocked liquor cabinet, this breakfast spot truly is a blast.
— Ryan Alexander, Contributing Designer

Marsh Road Diner
407 Marsh Rd. Wilmington
A traditional diner, it’s open 24/7, with a huge menu featuring all-American staples like biscuits and gravy, chicken and dumplings and Belgian waffles, and breakfast all day. Prices are reasonable, service fast. Located just off Philadelphia Pike. Try the soup. Any soup.
— Bob Yearick, Contributing Editor

LOMA Coffee
3rd and Market, Wilmington
This has become a popular destination for early business meetings and for those simply in need of a little jolt before work. For the most part, the breakfast offerings are standard yet satisfying and always served with a smile. But the standouts here are the selection of smoothies, each of which can be turbo-charged with a shot of protein. I recommend the Three Berry option as a quick, easy and healthy way to fuel up for the day.
— Jim Miller, Director of Publications

Kozy Korner
906 N. Union St., Wilmington
Kozy Korner is an old-school diner. The food is straightforward, fresh, and very reasonably priced. It has a hometown feel in both appearance and service. If you’re looking for an omelet and a dose of nostalgia, then Kozy Korner is the place for you. And you may run into some of our political leaders.
— Marie Graham Poot, Director of Digital Media & Distribution

Sinclair’s Café
177 E. Main St., Newark
This classic Main Street gathering place features staples like omelets, breakfast potatoes, and eggs Benedict. The simple and unpretentious atmosphere invites guests to take it easy and find time for one—or two—more rounds of coffee. Open Tuesdays-Sundays.
— Krista Connor, Associate Editor

Hollywood Grill
1811 Concord Pike, Wilmington
Menus featuring Hollywood icons give it an old-timey feel, belying the fact that this spacious restaurant has been around only since 2002. In those 15 years, it has become a popular breakfast (and lunch) spot for politicians and leaders of all stripes in North Wilmington. Bill Clinton stopped by during the last presidential campaign, glad-handing staff and patrons. New Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester held a rally there. Breakfast, including cocktails, starts at 6 a.m. One caveat: avoid sitting in the northeast corner, which seems to trap the sounds of loud voices and clattering dishes, assaulting the ears.
— Bob Yearick, Contributing Editor

Drip Café
img_2432Lantana Square Shopping Center, Hockessin
My wife and I love this place, and judging by the crowd on the weekends a lot of other people do as well. Since we’re big fans of anything between two slices of bread, we naturally gravitate toward the breakfast sandwiches. The last time we went, my wife got the Power Sandwich —egg whites, turkey sausage, brie, spinach and house-made power jam on multigrain toast. I had the Scrapple Croque Madame, which has amazing fried scrapple, Swiss cheese and Dijon on grilled sourdough, topped with béchamel sauce and a sunny side up egg. We shared a side of ginger-sage pork sausage and a French press of the delicious coffee. If you go, also consider the caramel apple pancakes. They’re simply amazing.
— Tyler Mitchell, Graphic Designer

The Cannery, Lancaster Avenue, Wilmington
Need something to get you through a long day? I stopped into Maiale in The Cannery on Lancaster Avenue on a chilly Friday morning to try one of the famous breakfast sandwiches. I went with the sausage, egg and cheese (Maiale is known for its hand-crafted specialty sausages). It was not only delicious, but I didn’t need to have another meal until dinner.
— Matt Loeb, Creative Director & Production Manager

Brew Ha Ha!
At most Brew Ha Ha! coffee shops, the breakfast menu features a wide range of serious coffee, morning pastries, and a choice of three breakfast sandwiches, each offered on a choice of bagel or delicious homemade biscuits. However, the Greenville location has three additional options (all vegetarian) while also offering loaded oatmeal bowls and avocado toast. The weekend menu includes masa pancakes, French toast and omelets joining brunch-type cocktails for some morning fun.
— Jim Miller, Director of Publications

De La Coeur Café et Patisserie
Lovering Avenue, Forty Acres, Wilmington
I’m not sure why it took me so long to try De La Coeur . The cozy little café has a very inviting atmosphere, and more important, great coffee. We tried the breakfast sandwich (egg, arugula, bacon, and red pepper aioli on a fresh baguette) and the breakfast hash (home fries, chili, onions, aioli topped with a perfectly fried egg), and they were both delicious. I’m looking forward to returning soon for crepes.
— Marie Graham Poot, Director of Digital Media & Distribution

Locale BBQ Post
1014 N. Lincoln St. Wilmington
img_2596-cmykNeed a quick and delicious breakfast sandwich to-go, at any time of the day? Then this is your best option on the west side of the city. They’ll cook your egg fresh while you wait, then top it with your preferred meat (bacon and sausage for us) and an amazing remoulade sauce on a fresh brioche bun. They also give you a great dipping sauce, which last time was pepper-vinegar, but this time was sweet honey. Either way, it’s always worth the five minutes and five bucks.
— Tyler Mitchell, Graphic Designer

Hank’s Place
1625 Creek Rd., Chadds Ford, Pa.
Drive by this Chadds Ford treasure on any weekend morning and you will see a line of people—even in the dead of winter—waiting for a seat. Hank’s Place is that good. Sure, it has the cachet of being a favorite breakfast spot of famed artists such as Andrew Wyeth and Rea Redifer, but that’s not why people flock to Hank’s. They go for the food. The menu offers all the traditional breakfast fare as well as Greek specialties, but do yourself a favor and order something from Hank’s Specialty Egg Dishes or the Frittatas sections of the menu. Voula’s Corned Beef Hash and Eggs is my personal favorite. A word of caution: Hank’s does not take credit cards and the breakfast selections are not inexpensive (though the portions are large). So, go prepared.
—Jerry duPhily, Publisher

The Perfect Blend
249 E. Main St., Newark
This café is all about one thing: Belgian waffles. Hidden in a historic building on Main Street, The Perfect Blend is open Tuesdays-Sundays, and it’s packed on weekends with a lively atmosphere. It’s an informal, colorful place to go for that guilty-pleasure breakfast (note: more like dessert). The owner, Jeanne Kress, is gracious and welcoming.
— Krista Connor, Associate Editor

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