From two social 25-year-olds to whom this does not come naturally

Submitted by Sophie duPhily and Clare Blomberg


  • You must change out of your pajamas – even if it’s just a different pair of sweatpants.
  • Make your bed every morning.
  • And remember: It’s Work From Home, not Work From Bed.
  • Get outside. Even if your co-workers think it’s odd that you’re sitting in your beach chair, on the porch… during a video chat. Do it – with no shame.
  • Do something active every hour on the hour to get the blood flowing. Ten jumping jacks will do the trick—maybe 10 pushups if you’re feeling athletic.
  • There’s no such thing as a “WFH” party…this is quarantine, people (I’m talking to my fellow 20-somethings). Take it seriously.
  • Get yourself a plant; there are so many natural air-purifying plants for the home/
  • Change it up. Move your monitor or at-home desk setup to different places around your apartment/house.
  • Create checklists in the morning and check off items as you go to keep yourself on track and celebrate the small things.
  • Lastly, a trick for those who are closely monitored via Jabber or other internal communication software: If you need to get outside but are afraid your computer will show you’re offline, go to YouTube and search “Beethoven 5th Symphony 10 Hours.” This will keep your computer awake and online while you get your outdoor fix.
    Note: If my employer is reading this, please know that I do not do this and I work very hard all the time.
Out & About Staff
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