Fourth annual Wilmo Rock Circus micro-festival offers nonstop local music Nov. 29

The Wilmo Rock Circus micro-fest is back for the fourth annual night of musical mayhem at World Cafe Live at the Queen on Saturday, Nov. 29.

The festival is presented each year by Gable Music Ventures, an all-ages original music promotion company founded by Gayle Dillman and Jeremy Hebbel in 2011.

The event will showcase some of the region’s best bands in a nonstop, five-hour, multiple-stage format, from 5:30 p.m. to 1 a.m.

This year, the event features 20 bands on the upstairs and downstairs stages (the usual balcony stage will not be utilized). Ten bands will perform on each stage, which may create a time crunch, but Hebbel says “die-hard circus goers will be able to catch a good portion of every band.”

This year Hebbel says he hopes the festival, which has been deemed “Best Event” by Hometown Heroes WSTW for the past two years, will sell out at 750 tickets.

“We want guests to walk away from the experience realizing that there’s more value in seeing and supporting local and regional hard-working emerging bands than spending lots of money to see major national acts,” says Hebbel. “We are confident that each one of these 20 bands is worth the ticket price on its own.”

Headliners include IKE, Lovebettie, BANG, Match22 and Station. Winners of Musikarmageddon battle of the bands, Minshara (see pg. 71), will also perform.

“Those guys put on an amazing show,” says Hebbel. “They will bring a ton of energy, and we can’t wait to see them on the big stage. And as usual, there’s not a single performer on this bill that we aren’t extremely excited about.”

Check out who’s playing:

IKE, Lovebettie, BANG, MACH22, Station, Vilebred, The Late Saints, Bumpin Uglies, The Quixote Project, Hot Breakfast!, Edna’s Tribe, The Future Unwritten, Poor Yorick, A Reckless Daring, Feral Ponies, Medusa’s Disco, Driven to Clarity, Innoko, Minshara.

Krista Connor
When Krista's not at the O&A office, you can find her with a cup of tea, a book or donning a backpack for an adventure.