Last month, we asked you to share your favorite local summer festival photos on Instagram, and you delivered. Here are the winning shots:

First Place

@beccamathiasphoto • Becca Mathias, Hockessin

Photo of Cheat Codes taken at Firefly Music Festival

“One of my favorite sets to photograph was Cheat Code—the energy was unreal and they were a blast to photograph. I love capturing artists enjoying themselves on stage.” 

Second Place


Deb Felmey, Harrington

Photo taken at the Delaware State Fair






Third Place


Duane Loveland, Wilmington

Photo of Nalani & Sarina at the Ladybug Music Festival

“I love black and white concert photos and when I captured this shot I immediately knew it belonged in black and white. I believe it adds even more emotion to her performance.”



Each winner gets a gift card to local restaurants. Thanks to everyone who participated, and keep an eye out for our next contest!



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