Contest Theme: What I Learned from the Covid-19 Crisis

COVID-19 Crisis 2020

By: Edwin “Quade” Gray, IV

Essay  Winner (Age 8-10 Category)

The invisible monster snuck into America, no one even knew it was there. It was making plans to attack in it’s new destination. It’s goal was to spread and get inside of unsuspecting people. We don’t really know where this monster came from. We aren’t sure how to stop it. Here is the story of how one boy defends himself from this evil being, Corona. While the boy was busy learning, playing, and spending time with friends

Illustration by Leo Loeb

Corona jumped from person to person until he found someone he wished to attack. The strange thing about Corona is that unlike other monsters he only attacks some people, but we don’t know why he chooses specific victims. Is it because they are ill, is it because he doesn’t like healthy people? Is it because he just wants to be a big jerk? No one really knows.

Once Corona spread and started to strike, schools had to close to stop him from repopulating. Once the boy’s school closed other things closed down too. He could no longer see friends, his play was cancelled, he couldn’t go out to the movie theater to see a show, his favorite restaurant shut down, sports teams ended their seasons early, he had no more practice! The Governor even made an announcement that citizens of the state had to stay home unless they were essential workers. Only people whose jobs helped everyone survive were still going to work.

Before Corona could grow inside a person there were some things that could stop him. The boy made sure to eat healthy foods to keep his body strong. He kept clean so tiny Corona attackers would slip right off with soap, the ultimate weapon against Corona. It was also necessary to stay away from others so that the invisible monster couldn’t jump on without being noticed.

Currently, there still is no cure. Scientists are working to create one. People are sheltering from this evil monster as he creeps around our towns attacking people. The boy is doing all he can to stay healthy and keep his family safe. Corona is still out there trying to attack his friends, family, neighbors, classmates, maybe even you!

Trutulescu Maia

Illustration Winner (Age 8-10 Category)

Sigbjorn Toyberg-Frandzen

Photography Winner (Age 8-10 Category)

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