About Grand Design
Blitzen could be just the first example of Dallas Shaw’s creative imprint on Wilmington
by Lauren Golt, December 2020

“As a lifelong Wilmingtonian, I’ve been hoping for such creative talent for a long time. Visited Blitzen two weeks ago. Terrific!”
— Philip Leach

About Game Over, Man
by Matt Morrissette, November 2020

“Beautifully expressed Matt. 1984 reigns in our memories always.”
— Kerry Kristine

“I’ve been fortunate to have played 1,000’s of gigs and shows all over the country in the last three decades, but I can count my favorites on one hand. Two were at @1984wilmo…”
— @drummerob, Instagram

About Fifty Years of Public Service
Scores of Wilmington youth learned much more than pick-and-roll from Larry Morris
By Bob Yearick, October 2020

“We don’t so much look for or to our leaders as they demand our gaze. I see you, Larry Morris.”
— Blair C. Dickerson

“Larry has always been a humble man concerned about the future of our community. His persona as the “village chief” has been an inspiration and I wish we could clone him for every generation to come. North, East, South and West Wilmington all become better places for our youth only if we had more Larry Morrises. Congratulations my friend and former WSFS customer.”
— Vicki Williams Holden

About A Centennial Solute
Negro Baseball League celebrate 100 years and Wilmington’s Judy Johnson is a big part of that history, October 2020

“My son and I were friends with Judy Johnson. We often visited him at his home. He was a gifted baseball player and an absolutely wonderful person. He is greatly missed by all of us who knew him. Thank you for the [story].”
— Cara McPeake

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