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Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 

Looking for a new show to watch? Aren’t you always? How about one that just won five Emmys, including best actress, best supporting actress and best comedy? Then Amazon Prime’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is for you. The show, which just finished filming its second season, is about a newly single mother in the late 1950s who is struggling to keep her perfect life intact while pursuing a career in stand-up comedy, with the help of a wannabe talent manager. The dialogue is witty and the characters are deep and well-defined. The show is a combination of comedy, drama, and even some romance. Definitely worth trying.

— Elizabeth Carlson, Intern

2nd & Charles

Movies. CDs. Vinyls. Comics. Video games. Books. Books. And more books. This is only part of what you can find in this Newark resale shop. Not only is this the most affordable book store I’ve discovered, it also has an abundance of interesting products. Most second-hand, but there are many new items. 2nd & Charles’ tagline is “Sell What You Don’t Want. Buy What You Do.” So, this is one store that you can leave with more money than when you entered.

— Emily Stover, Intern

The War on Words

C’mon, where you gonna find a better stocking-stuffer for a grammar geek? And for just $10. It’s a tidy compendium of all The War on Words columns from inception in 2007 until 2011 (hmmm . . . time for a second volume?). In its pages, you’ll discover the most misused punctuation mark and the most misused word. Call the Out & About office (655-6483) or take a trip to the Hockessin Book Shelf to get your copy.

— Bob Yearick, Contributing Editor (and shameless self-promoter)

Bardea Food & Drink

It’s difficult for any restaurant to meet expectations right out of the gate in terms of quality and service, but Bardea has managed to do just that. For this alone, the restaurant has earned gushing, positive reviews.

But there’s more to the story. For a self-described Italian restaurant, Bardea isn’t afraid to challenge convention. How many Italian restaurants offer Tuna Tataki,  Chicken of the Woods, Avocado Toast or Norwegian Salmon with, of all things, cherries, golden beets and hazelnuts?

Yes, the menu requires an electron microscope to read in the chic, dimly-lit setting, and, with the crowds it’s been drawing, the volume often requires some guests to use semaphore to communicate effectively. But those are challenges that can be easily handled.

Whether you are looking for something new in terms of local cuisine or a sign that Market Street may be fully turning a corner in terms of food options, Bardea fits the bill.

— Jim Miller, Director of Publications

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