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From Joe Renaud, Beverage Director, Home Grown Café


Lavender Mojito

What I really like about this lavender mojito is that it is bright and refreshing, yet also floral. It’s a drink that I can sit on the front porch and really enjoy with minimal effort. Lavender is such a delicate flower but offers so many flavor profiles that are really fun for the summer, and combined with mint it’s a really great summer drink.

Things you’ll need:
  2 oz. White rum (I use Naked Turtle)
• .5 oz. lime juice
• .5 oz. lavender simple syrup (see below)
  6-10 mint leaves

To make lavender simple syrup:
  2 oz. of lavender
  .5 cup sugar
  .5 cup water
  Bring the water and sugar to a boil and add the lavender. Bring to medium heat and let simmer for about 10 minutes or until the water starts to thicken.
  Remove from heat and cool.

Make your Lavender Mojito
  Place the mint leaves and your liquid ingredients into a shaker tin.
  Muddle the mint delicately (too much muddling and you will create a grassy flavor profile)—you just want to get the oils from the mint out of the leaves.
  Add ice and delicately shake.
  Strain all the liquid into a new glass with fresh ice and top with soda water.


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