By Mark Fields

Weird Al Yankovic has enjoyed one of the strangest and most unlikely rock music careers imaginable, and his rise to song parody fame is documented – in the loosest possible terms – in a new “biopic” called Weird: The Al Yankovic Story. Showcasing Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe as the permanently permed parodist, Weird is exactly what you would expect from a movie biography of Yankovic…entirely silly, occasionally accurate, and thoroughly satisfying to the same type of audience that appreciates the singer-songwriter’s takes on pop standards. From Radcliffe (in an earnest, winning performance) and the supporting players – Julianne Nicholson, Toby Russ, and Yankovic himself – down through many comedic celebrity cameos (Conan O’Brien, Quinta Brunson, Josh Groban), everyone is on the corny jokes. The audience will have as good a time as they clearly all did.