Niche Thriller Pits Tailor Against Gangsters

By Mark Fields

Mark Rylance stars as unassuming British tailor Leonard in 1950s Chicago whose quiet business is disrupted by a series of conflicts between and with members of the local mob. The gangsters have been using his shop as a convenient dead drop for their various illegal dealings when conflict erupts with a rival clan. What evolves is a clever and surprising game of wits with shifting loyalties and alliances between the tight group of characters. Rylance (Bridge of Spies, Dunkirk, Wolf Hall), whose acting skill on stage and screen has garnered growing praise in recent years, is the emotional and psychological heart of this deceptively simple movie. The tight script and quality acting; handsome period sets and costumes; and lovely score by Alexandre Desplat are all well-suited for this parlor thriller.

Mark Fields
Mark Fields has reviewed films for Out & About since October 2008. In addition, he has written O&A profiles of documentarian Harry Shearer and actress Aubrey Plaza. Mark also has written on the movies for several publications in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and his home state of Indiana, where he also served as on-air movie critic for Indianapolis’s public radio station. Mark has been an adjunct instructor of film history at Rowan University since 1998. A career arts administrator, he is the executive director of Wilmington’s Grand Opera House and now lives on Market Street. Mark spent the fastest 22 minutes of his life as an unsuccessful contestant on Jeopardy…sadly, there were no movie questions.