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Gentle Giant / Octopus, two-disc set: CD and 5.1 Blu-Ray
For fans of adventurous music, this newly remixed release of the classic fourth album from one of the most gifted and ambitious of the original wave of ‘70s progressive rock bands is an absolute gem. Although it was released 43 years ago, the music sounds fresh, exciting, and innovative, helped in large part by an impressive 5.1 remix by prog powerhouse Steven Wilson. If you know Gentle Giant, this is a must have. And if you don’t, grab this to discover the band that influenced an entire genre, and still inspires musicians and listeners around the globe.

— Matt Urban, Contributing Photographer

operaThere’s an excellent chance you haven’t been to an opera in your entire life. Here’s why 2016 should be the year you change that: the 2016 OperaDelaware Festival in May at The Grand Opera House. It features a once-lost 19th-century opera based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet that has only received one other full production since its rediscovery—and Delaware is the only East Coast production it will get before it headlines the Bregenz Festival in Austria in July. In short, this is a Big Deal coming to Delaware, with the guy who rediscovered the piece conducting the performances. Opera nerds from across the country will be in town to see it. Join them.

— Matt Sullivan, Contributing Writer

Close up of a toy guitar

Jam out with the tiny humans
One of my favorite morning events on the weekends has become grabbing a guitar and placing multiple instruments in front of my son and daughter for “daddy jam sessions.” It’s a ton of fun and a great alternative to cartoons. Their imaginative beats and lyrics never cease to amaze me. Oh, and it gives me an excuse to play too!

— Matt Loeb, Creative Director

TheManintheHighCastleThe Man in the High Castle
This Amazon Prime original TV series sees executive producer Ridley Scott return to the heady universe of sci-fi. The Man in the High Castle goes into the past, to post-WWII America. Except it’s not our past, and it’s certainly not our America. In this version, the Axis won the war, with the Nazis occupying the East Coast and the Japanese controlling the Pacific states. Meanwhile, an underground resistance is gaining strength, inspired by a collection of films that depict an alternate ending to the war: America winning. The premise and action are enough to get one past the first few episodes, and that’s when the actors start to really find their legs. Which is good, because many of them are on the run, with many twists and turns along the way. My guess is you’ll be right there beside them every step of the way.

Jim Miller, Director of Publications

ctcCity Theater Company
Last month I attended CTC’s contemporary adaptation of Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost, and the audience was roaring with laughter in the snug, intimate setting of the Black Box. While those performances are over, Titanium 22 will showcase Fearless Improv performers with original one-act plays Jan. 22, 23, 29 and 30. I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

— Krista Connor, Associate Editor

Out & About Staff
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