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TRO’s BeatleFest

You don’t have to be a gonzo Beatles fan to fall in love with The Rock Orchestra’s BeatleFest. You just have to appreciate live music.

Picture it: Over six consecutive nights, 40 musicians perform every single Beatles song in the order that the band’s entire catalog was released. All 215 tunes with every detail captured down to the last note — whether it be played by guitar, sitar, harp or harmonica.

I can clearly remember a few years ago sitting in the audience in the sold-out theater, the hair standing up on the back of my neck upon hearing the TRO’s ethereal harmonies on “Because” from Abbey Road. Like the song says, it blew my mind.

To hear these songs played live — many of which the Beatles themselves never played live — is something to behold. Trust me: Your mind will be blown, too. But your ears will thank you.

BeatleFest runs August 2-7 at Wilmington Drama League. Get tickets early as some shows sell out quickly here or find The Rock Orchestra on Facebook.

— Jim Miller, Director of Publications

Kennett Brewing Company

There are many charming spaces in Downtown Kennett Square, but Kennett Brewing Company is one of my favorites. This cozy brewpub, located in a basement-like setting at 109 S. Broad Street, has great light fare (love the empanadas), a solid assortment of beer it brews on premise, and a regular menu of live music. In fact, KBC now takes its show outside when weather permits, closing the adjacent alley and setting up tables in the street while bands perform from a garage bay. It’s funky and it works. In fact, everything seems to work at KBC. The place has a Cheers-like vibe, a credit to its gregarious husband-and-wife owners, Mark and Jossy Osborne.

— Jerry duPhily, Publisher

Packaging Perturbation

Takeout, ready-to-eat dinners and mail-order meal kits are all the rage, but the amount of plastic waste they generate is as maddening as the clamshell boxes holding your holiday gifts hostage. Analyzing the packaging you throw away can be eye-opening, and finding ways to reduce single-use plastic usage can save you money. Recycle, sure, but do more: Switch sandwich and quart bags for silicone. Cling wrap for beeswax wraps. Take a bag from home to your produce stop. Use bread bags on your dog walks. Donate what you can’t reuse to Eco Plastic Products of Delaware.

— JulieAnne Cross, Contributing Writer

Movie Nights at the Museum

Looking for an inexpensive night out? Try catching a film on the lawn of the Delaware Art Museum’s Sculpture Garden on Friday nights through mid-September. Admission is free for the outdoor films,  just bring a chair or blanket to make yourself comfortable. Movie theater concessions will be available for purchase, along with beer, wine, soft drinks and water. To see what’s playing, visit

— Bev Zimmermann, Special Projects

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