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Jack A. Markell Trail 

This may go down as one of the Wilmington Riverfront’s most important enhancements—and proof of the economic and quality-of-life benefits a bike path can provide. The seven-mile, auto-free trail includes a boardwalk path over the wetlands of the Russell Peterson Wildlife Center and an eye-catching bridge over the Christina River. Leaving the Riverfront, it connects you to Historic New Castle and—for the ambitious—Historic Delaware City and the Mike Castle Trail (which runs all the way to Chesapeake City, Md.). Entering the Riverfront, it flows nicely into the existing Riverwalk and all its amenities: restaurants, ice cream shop, beer garden…. Yes, there are many ways to package an outing on this great new amenity.

— Jerry duPhily, Publisher

Runamok Maple

Based in Cambridge, Vt., this company produces organic maple syrup with a quality you can taste. Runamok Maple is run by husband and wife Eric and Laura Sorkin, along with their small team of self-described hunters, farmers, hippies and hipsters. Just in time for autumn for cozy breakfast pairings with your favorite pancake or waffle recipe, try the classic pure maple syrup, or be adventurous with their collection of infused, smoked and barrel-aged options. All syrups are available for order online at

— Krista Connor, Senior Editor & Digital Media Manager

Poke Bros. in Fairfax

This is the latest of four locations for Poke (pronounced poh-kay) Bros. in New Castle County that offer what is essentially sushi in a bowl. It features cubed raw fish mixed in a bowl with rice, veggies and flavorful toppings. My favorite is the Johnny Utah, a salmon-based bowl with avocado, edamame, cucumber, masago (capelin roe), OG Hot Sauce and Sriracha Aioli. You can also take the build-your-own approach and craft your bowl from a wide array of fresh and healthy ingredients.

— Bob Yearick, Contributing Editor

Wings at Trolley Square Oyster House

You wouldn’t expect an Oyster House to necessarily excel at wings. But then again, 10 years ago, you probably wouldn’t have expected an Oyster House to have succeeded in Trolley Square, either.

That said, the wings at Trolley Square Oyster House are surprisingly superb. They might be among the best in the state, and I don’t say that lightly. While watching a recent Eagles game, my friends and I easily cleared five plates of them, raving about them while alternating between the classic Buffalo and the Old Bay.

The secret to the succulence is the brine in which the wings marinate long before being cooked. The brine consists of apple juice, vinegar, and a combination of spices and herbs (which shall remain a secret). The result is a plateful of juicy, sweet, yet delightfully tangy wings.

— Jim Miller, Director of Publications

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