A new craft brewery looks to open at the end of March in Newark, just a mile and a half down the road from the White Creek Country Club golf course at Delaware Park — and only a few miles from the courses at Deerfield and Delcastle.

Appropriate for its location, Twisted Irons Craft Brewing Company gets its name and inspiration from the frustrations that come with the sport of knocking little white balls into small holes hundreds of yards away.

The company’s motto: “Your game deserves a better beer.”

According to Twisted Irons’ partners, Matt Found and David Markle, the opening will be the landing point of a 21-month journey that combined Found’s brewing talents and Markle’s acumen in economics.

“The premise of Twisted Irons is that, regardless of your “game,” you deserve a better beer,” says Markle, who wrote the company’s business plan. “Whether it’s the game of golf or the game of life, that’s what we are here for — just good beer.”

In addition to a tasting room at the brewery, Markle says the company envisions canning its beer and making kegs available to local pubs. Twisted Irons will start with four to five large-quantity beers on tap with two small experimental batches available at the tasting room.

“Matt makes really good beer,” Markle says. “Beer, in my mind, that hold true to traditional taste standards across the board from stouts to wits to lagers to IPAs.”

In July and October of last year, the partners held taste-tests of eight of Found’s beers. The beers were all well-received, but Found feels particularly strong about the company’s Irish stout, English bitter and Weissbier.

“Ultimately our customers are going to decide which beers they really think are great and that will obviously influence what we make as time goes on — it’s a symbiotic relationship,” Found says. “I can’t wait to interact with the customers and get their feedback.”

— Twisted Irons is located at 303 Ruthar Drive (Suites E and F), Newark. Updated information on the brewery’s opening date can be found at TwistedIronsBrewery.com.

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