PureBread Deli

I don’t often order salads when I’m eating out, but the last one that left me wanting more was the Santa Fe Chicken Salad at PureBread Deli. Topped off with a smoky chili ranch dressing, the roasted chicken, corn & black bean salsa, and avocado bring all my favorite flavors together. With Purebread’s five convenient locations, the craving is easy to satisfy.

— Matt Loeb, Creative Director & Production Manager

Soybean Asian Grille

Let’s be completely honest, salads aren’t cool. They lack the sort of appeal that an eight-ounce steak oozes. Even so, we all know we need to eat healthier and salads are the best way to incorporate variety and important nutrients and vitamins into our diet. Since I loathe eating the same thing twice in one week, Thai papaya salad has become my go-to when I want a break from my basic mixed green salad with carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes. Soybean Asian Grille on Limestone Road makes a mean shrimp papaya salad, or som tam. It’s fresh, crunchy, sweet, sour and spicy, if desired. It’s a refreshing and light salad —perfect for a picnic at the park or beach.

— Leeann Wallett, Contributing Writer

Four Dogs Tavern

The patio at this popular Marshallton, Pa., restaurant is one of my favorite destinations, and as much as I applaud variety, I wind up ordering their Grande Salad virtually every visit. All the Four Dogs’ salads are delectable, primarily because they use only local growers and the ingredients are garden fresh. The Grande features feta, tomato, red onion and avocado and is complemented with a light yet vibrant dressing. And a word about the tomatoes: Regardless of the time of year, they’re always plump, juicy and delicious.

— Jerry duPhily, Publisher

Greene Turtle

I’d recommend something from Greenville Brew HaHa! or Iron Hill, but we already know they’re great. I’ll be honest, when I eat out, I rarely glance at the green portion of the menu. Partly because I feel like it’s inexplicably hard for most restaurants to get a salad right, and, more to the point, I want all the carbs. So, I feel like I’ve stumbled onto a secret with Greene Turtle’s Ty Cobb salad, because not only is it really good, but also unexpected since it originated from a franchise—and a sports bar, at that. I don’t even go to sports bars. The salad is unpretentious, with mixed greens topped with diced avocado, chicken, bacon, tomato and cucumber with crumbled bleu cheese and your choice of dressing (I always pick Cajun ranch).

— Krista Connor, Senior Editor & Digital Media Manager

Bellefonte Café

I’ve been trying to eat healthier nowadays, and, as most of us know, that often can be as much fun as walking around in the rain. But then I stumbled upon this dish at the Bellefonte Café, and it was like sunshine on a plate. First, if you like goat cheese, this salad delivers the goods. We’re not talking about meager crumbles of goat cheese. It’s more the case that if the arugula, chopped onion, and fennel are the mattress, then the goat cheese and curried beets are the blanket. This salad is covered nice and cozy. Along with the slices of oranges, it all adds up to a scrumptious and hearty dish full of proteins and greens. 

— Jim Miller, Director of Publications

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