oa-bjones_headerBridget Jones’s Baby

Our favorite British career gal, Bridget Jones (as winningly played by Renée Zellweger) is back in Bridget Jones’s Baby, the third film to feature the winsome character. In this installment, Bridget has finally found professional success and stability, but still longs for a man in her life. After a pair of unexpected trysts—one with an American Internet mogul and the other with her long-suffering ex, Mark Darcy—Bridget finds herself with a surfeit of men and with a baby on the way.

The plot steps from that promising set-up to an expected but rewarding conclusion that could be drafted by every person who’s ever seen a movie rom-com. Nevertheless, Zellweger’s endearingly daft Bridget wins over the audience easily, and she is well-supported by a cast of top-drawer British actors (and one American, Patrick Dempsey), including Jim Broadbent and Gemma Jones as her parents, Colin Firth as the stolid Mr. Darcy, Shirley Henderson and Sally Phillips as her married mum-chums, and Sarah Solemani as her single pal and co-worker. Emma Thompson, who co-wrote the screenplay with original author Helen Fielding, is almost worth the price of admission by herself as Bridget’s acerbic ob-gyn.

Marie Graham
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