60-Second Review – Hell or High Seas

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4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
Hell or High Seas, the powerful new documentary by Philadelphia filmmaker Glenn Holsten, tells the incredible story of Taylor Grieger, a former military rescue swimmer. Grieger and his friends Stephen O’Shea, John Rose, and Kell Warner set out to sail from Gulf Coast Florida to the tip of South America, the legendary and formidable Cape Horn. This expedition of 10,000 nautical miles is undertaken to help Grieger cope with his own post-deployment PTSD, but also as a means to draw attention to the staggering rates of veteran suicide facing American servicepeople. Grieger is a charismatic and sincere protagonist for this modern adventure tale, and director Holsten wisely keeps the focus squarely on him and his physical and emotional journey. The footage for Hell or High Seas was mostly captured by Grieger and the boat crew. A compelling tale of courage and resilience.

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