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About Where Do We Go From Here?
by Larry Morris, July 2020

The truth has been well spoken by Larry Morris! We have suffered for far too long. Now what are we Blacks, Whites and other ethnicities going to do about it? As Larry said: It takes all of us!

— Dorothy Hersi, Bear

I agree whole-heartedly. Well said. You look around and you can’t believe there is still so much hatred in this world that we all say we love so much… BREAK the cycle teach your kids how to love everybody and that includes all races.

— Deborah Denn, Wilmington

Excellent article. Sharing to my page.

— Karen DiTulli, Wilmington

Reading Larry Morris’ piece in the July issue made me realize that I am part of the problem in race relations in this country. Raised to respect and treat others as you would treat yourself, I thought that was enough. But in his article, Morris described a ‘middle group’ of White Americans—those who are not racist, but stay silent because of the social and cultural privileges afforded to them. I am in this group. But short of voting, what does ‘doing more’ look like? I wonder if we can make a playbook for people like me who don’t attend marches or protests.

— Catherine Nessa, Centreville

About Are You Listening? From the Publisher
by Jerry duPhily, July 2020

That is why God gave us 2 ears and only 1 mouth… we should listen 2x more than we talk.

— Steve Williams, Wilmington

You have yet to embrace the fact that Black people don’t impose racism on themselves. The fact of the matter is that racism can only be ended when White-skinned people stop doing racist things and dismantle their white superiority support system. Unfortunately your business magazine has lost an opportunity to make a real difference. Maybe the “guest editorial board” should have been comprised of the racist people of power in your media market place. For it is them that are in the process of falling.

— Emery Graham, Orlando, Fla.

About The Return of Hometown Heroes
by Jim Miller, July 2020

Could not be happier that Mark and all the incredible local talent have a new outlet to continue the run for “Hometown Heroes.” 

— Mark Weidel, Thornton, Pa.

Mark has always been a joy to listen to. Kudos to Delaware Public Media for bringing him back.

— Andrew Sgroi, Wilmington 

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