The War On Words – Nov. 2019

Bob Yearick

, War On Words

A monthly column in which we attempt, however futilely, to defend the English language against misuse and abuse


At least two of the sentences/phrases below are correct. Everything else contains misspellings, bad grammar, incorrect punctuation, redundancies, or words that are non-standard. The first two readers who identify the correct items will win gift cards. Submit answers by Nov. 15 to

Note: There may be a tie, so be sure to complete the tie-breaker at the end.

Police said she had visual injuries on her body. | I don’t want to drudge up anything from your past. | It resignates with the American people. | Each country should have their own air force. | He is a truly unique speaker. | Last year, Northwestern sunk to 5-7. | I text him yesterday. | I do that everyday. | Kevin Hart’s car was completely totaled. | They were combined together. | Let’s welcome in Jane. | I’m not in a position to do that. | I liked her words and the way she talked. | Let’s not make too big of a deal about it. | He lives underneath of the interstate. | That’s a rap, so let’s go home. | Pressure doesn’t phase me. | They traveled at a high rate of speed. | It’s a Maple tree. | My dog is a Terrier. | It feels like Winter. | Springtime, when everyones thoughts turn to love. | pie al a mode | Guess the amount of animal crackers in the jar. | As a businessman, he took a conservative tack. | That was my first initial reaction. | I am loathe to leave the theater early. | Famous celebrities were at the show. | That movie literally scared me to death. | We’re leaving port, so anchors away! | She is an undergraduate student. | It’s a sworn affidavit. | She honed in on her goal. | It’s a passing fad. | You need to plan ahead for that. | He glanced briefly at her. | We might possibly agree to that. | A policeman diffused the tense situation. | I had a sudden impulse to smack him. | ‘Wow,’ he said. | “It’s a long drive”, she said. | The event spans over two weekends. | Things took a turn for the worst. | It’s absolutely essential. | She had a cameo role in that movie. | It’s a beautiful wall mural. | The Embargo Act lead to the War of 1812. | The event was anticlimatic. | It’s about grammar, dummy. | The comment drove a wedge between he and other board members. | Trump won’t budge; he’s intransient. | a bag of black-eye peas | I waited with baited breath. | Have I peaked your curiosity? | We appreciate you continuing to hold. | Go lay down, Fido. | It was poor communication between he and the centerfielder. | sneak peak | His great work earned him welcome notoriety. | She is taller then I am. | The drug means less sleepless nights for the user. | the whole entire community | We drank soda’s. | We have an assortment of deserts. | What kind of a vacation do you want? | The noon show begins an hour after the 11 a.m. brunch begins. | Whats your passion? | Some people just can not spell. | for all intensive purposes | He has a lot of cache with the media. | Who’s kids knocked over my trash can? | Let’s try and do better. | The new teacher, whom I met today, is from the South. | today’s soup du jour | I love those long-necked clams. | a median strip in the middle of the highway | She rented an apartment for she and her son. | The words actually are relative to whom else is applying. | He relished in the victory. | She has the skills of a player far more older. | Banderas proved that him and Griffith are friendly exes. | the real reason why.

Tie Breaker

Edit the sentence below. You may add or delete words.

I got on my bicycle, taking my lunch to school, built in the 1960s.

Word of the Month


Pronounced ob-la-kwe, it’s a noun meaning strong public criticism or verbal abuse.

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