Spirited – May 2018


Our recommendation from an area pro
From Sasha Aber, Owner, Home Grown Café


Port Noir
There is a growing trend with rye whiskey—port-finished rye whiskey. It takes a spice-forward whiskey and gives it a sweet, clean finish.

With this drink, I really wanted to lean into the sweeter fruit notes of Basil Hayden Port finished rye. Pinot Noir has a nice jammy quality that pairs nicely with it, as does blackberry liquor. My goal with this drink is to show that not every whiskey cocktail has to be so oaked and spiced. You can have a fun, tart and fruit-forward whiskey cocktail that is approachable and also works perfectly for spring.

For two beverages:
• 4 ounces of Basil Hayden Port Finished Rye
• 1 ounce of blackberry liqueur ( I prefer Giffard’s Mûre)
• 1 ounce of Pinot Noir ( I suggest a lighter, semi-sweet Pinot Noir)
• 1 ounce of fresh lemon juice
• 1 sprig of rosemary

1. Build your drink in a shaker, or a sturdy rocks glass.
2. Rosemary: you can either muddle it in the glass or an industry trick is to place it in the palm of your hand and slap it a few times. This will bring out the oils and aroma that we’re looking for.
3. Combine the remaining ingredients.
4. Add ice and stir until the shaker or rocks glass is ice cold.
5. Pour it into your preferred glass.

Optional garnish: lemon peel, brandied cherry, and a sprig of rosemary.

Bring in spring with a tart new whiskey cocktail.



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