Lucy Kaplansky Brings ‘Everyday’ to the Flash


New York singer-songwriter called “troubadour laureate” by Boston Globe


For singer-songwriter Lucy Kaplansky performing live in front of an audience can be an elevating experience.

“Sometimes it really feels like I’m flying,” Kaplansky says.

Kaplansky brings her version of folk aerobatics to the Kennett Flash on Sunday, Feb. 10, performing songs from her most recent release, Everyday Street. It’s an album that has garnered high praise among critics, with The New York Times describing Kaplansky as “a truly gifted performer with a bag full of enchanting songs.”

Her first solo album in six years, Everyday Street came about from fans wanting something that reflected the stripped-down mood and intimacy of Kaplansky’s live solo performances, she says. On it, the signer-songwriter teams up with old friend Shawn Colvin on the opening song, aptly called “Old Friends.” The lyrics tell the story of how the two musicians met and began working together in Greenwich Village in the early ‘80s:

            Older, a little wiser

            Than back in 1982

            Sharing a history

            That’s what old friends do

It was in that time and place, in playing shows with Colvin that Kaplansky also met musician Richard Shindell, who is also featured on the album, on the song “Keeping Time.”

Kaplansky made some impressive inroads with music in the ‘80s. Of note, she sang backing vocals on Suzanne Vega’s “Left of Center” (which Gen Xers will remember as appearing on the Pretty In Pink soundtrack). But, then things changed.

“I got scarred and ran away from music,” Kaplansky admits, describing how she changed lanes 20 years ago and began focusing on getting a degree in psychology. But it wouldn’t be that long until the siren call of music lured her back.

“[The departure into psychology] broadened my horizons and made me wiser,” she says with a gentle laugh. “It may not have brought new psychological perspectives to the table in terms of songwriting, but it brought me to the table in a new way.”

Lucy Kaplansky will perform “Old Friends,” “Keeping Time,” and many more of her songs at Kennett Flash on Sunday, Feb. 10. For tickets, visit

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