A Bid for Game-Show Success


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Newark’s Robert Jarrell attempts to win big on Wednesday’s episode of The Price Is Right

Having aired more than 8,000 episodes over 46 years, The Price Is Right is the longest-running game show in U.S. television history.

Without a doubt, the show’s wild and unpredictable nature is key to its ongoing appeal. Anyone who’s ever watched certainly has imagined what it would be like to be one of the audience members called to “come on down” and become one of the show’s contestants.

We’ve all been there – at least in our minds.

But for Newark’s Robert Jarrell, it’s no longer a matter of imagining anymore. He’s actually been there. And if you tune in to Wednesday’s episode, you’ll see just how he fares.

For the 36-year-old fan of the show, just getting his name called was a thrill.

“It was surreal,” Jarrell said during a recent phone interview. “There is a moment where there was disbelief: ‘Did they just call my name? I think they just called my name!’”

Yes, Jarrell had finally made it. After a five-hour morning flight from Philadelphia to L.A., a drive to the hotel, and a quick bite – then hours of waiting in line in front of the television studio and going through an audience “audition” process – he’d made it.

Robert Jarrell

“It was a dream-come-true moment,” Jarrell said.

Although it was his first time on the show, it was hardly his first time on camera. Jarrell has had plenty of experience in that department as the highly knowledgeable and often amusing YouTube host for Quadratec, a West Chester-based company that sells Jeep parts and accessories.

Whether it’s a matter of explaining the benefits of custom skid plates for a Wrangler JK or elaborating on the best features of the new Gladiator, Jarrell has likely filmed a video on just about all things Jeep-oriented.

In fact, the only reason Jarrell was on the West Coast in the first place was because he and two co-workers were attending the L.A. Auto Show. Being big fans of The Price Is Right, they made arrangements to arrive early just to get a chance to be part of it.

It was during the pre-taping process that Jarrell realized that his YouTube hosting skills might come in handy, particularly when the producers were interviewing audience members and gauging reactions.

“I tried to be engaging,” Jarrell admitted. “I think that probably helped me, honestly. I’m a people person.”

Sure, he’s a personable guy, but just how far will Jarrell advance from Contestants’ Row? Tune in to The Price Is Right, Wednesday, Jan. 30, at 11 a.m. on CBS to find out.

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