Winter Beers Worth Trying


A few brews we think you may enjoy this winter

Stitch House Sho Nuff Stout
My beer selection often changes with the weather and my stout season has arrived. I recently tried the “Sho Nuff Stout” at Stitch House and sho ‘nuff, it was everything I expected—creamy, smooth and slightly malty with a hint of chocolate. It went perfectly with my bowl of chili.

— Matt Loeb, Creative Director & Production Manager

Founders CBS (Canadian Breakfast Stout)
You can’t go wrong with any stout from Founders; the Breakfast Stout is a staple, and their imperial, bourbon barrel aged KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout) brewed with coffee and chocolate, is quite simply amazing. Now imagine KBS was aged in bourbon barrels that were previously used in aging pure Michigan maple syrup. Voila! The flavors are quite good—rich maple syrup, roasty coffee and decadent chocolate. At almost 12 percent ABV, this is my definition of a “winter warmer.”

— Tyler Mitchell, Graphic Designer

2SP Baby Bob Stout
Many 2SP fans refer to this stout as the American baby brother to “The Russian”—brewmaster Bob Barrar’s legendary Russian Imperial Stout—which also happens to be one of the most awarded beers in the history of both the Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup.

Such familial comparisons are moot if you are looking for a session stout. Baby Bob is much more approachable in that regard at just 6.5 percent ABV, where “The Russian” looms much larger, north of 9 percent. Both pack a solid first punch, with lots of roasty flavors upfront. But Baby Bob manages to be bold without bowling you over, while being light, smooth and sweet enough to keep you coming back for more.

— Jim Miller, Director of Publications

Dogfish Head Bitches Brew Stout
I am typically a year-round IPA guy, but for a warm winter meal-in-a-bottle, Dogfish Head’s Bitches’ Brew is an annual favorite. A delicious imperial stout brewed with honey conjures notes of Miles Davis’ iconic trumpet, and the classic album cover adorning its slate black bottle is a perfect frame.

— Joe del Tufo, Contributing Photographer

Founders Porter
East Coast craft lovers looking to keep warm in the face of colder temps should look no further than the coast of Lake Michigan. The folks in Grand Rapids know their robust beers, and Founders Porter is the perfect example, hopped up at 6.5 percent, but full of sweet chocolate notes and a velvety finish. Catch a pint of this midwestern magic at Trolley Square Oyster House for just $4.75 a pint.

— Rob Kalesse, Contributing Writer

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