Our recommendation from an area pro

Pimm’s Cup

From Joe Renaud, Beverage Director, Home Grown Café

Originating in England, this gin drink is packed with flavor and leaves you wanting more. Featuring all things fresh, it gives flavors that quench while tickling the taste buds. We know you’ll love it, and when the winter comes it will give you something to come back to when you’re missing the warmer days.

Things you’ll need:

• 1 oz. Hendrick’s Gin

• 1 oz. Pimm’s liqueur

• 5 mint leaves

• 3 lemon wedges

• 3 cucumber slices

• Ginger beer

To make:

In a mixing tin add the cucumber, mint and lemon wedges. Muddle all ingredients thoroughly and then add your gin and Pimm’s. Add ice and shake well. Strain into a glass with fresh ice and top with ginger beer. For garnish, cut a cucumber wheel and a sprig of mint.

After all this you can now sit back and enjoy!


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