DCAD Exhibition

Out & About Staff


Emerging artists will be showcasing their work at the “Local + Famous” art exhibition beginning Friday, Aug. 3. The exhibition will be hosted by the Delaware College of Art and Design and curated by locally acclaimed painter and muralist Terrance Vann. The event will feature more than 25 artists focusing on contemporary and accessible street art.

The event will attempt to challenge the traditional form of an exhibition, instead modeling itself after popular fairs in New York City and Miami. It will include a variety of notable names in the art world, including Shanina Dionna, a winner of the Swizz Beats international TDC20 competition, Rick Rockroth, Eunice Lafate and K.O. Simms. Nationally recognized artist Alim Smith, known for his Memes collection, will also co-host the exhibition.

For more information contact communications director Susan Coulby by telephone at 302-622-8000 (office) or 302-983-5710 (cell) or via email at scoulby@dcad.edu.

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