Mayan Medallions?


Mathew Brown-Watson


The Delaware Museum of Natural History is featuring an immersive and interactive exhibit, “The Mystery of the Mayan Medallion,” until Sept. 3.

Visitors will learn the secrets of the ancient Mayan world of Mesoamerica (an area that extends from Central Mexico through Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Northern Costa Rica), where the Mayan people prospered for thousands of years.

Visitors will learn about the sophisticated society of the Mayans by exploring the archaeology, biology, and astromathematics field stations, which represent the understanding the Mayans had of the scientific reality of the world and how that understanding was communicated through their robust and complex writing and number systems.

There is also a mystery for the visitors to solve based on finding a priceless jade medallion buried somewhere in the Mayan ruins. Visitors must follow clues to locate the medallion while heeding the warning signs left by archaeologists.

The Delaware Museum of Natural History is at 4840 Kennett Pike, Wilmington. For more information on the various admission prices for this exhibit, visit

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