Inaugural EP for The Susquehanna Floods 

Mathew Brown-Watson



The Susquehanna Floods’ first EP is now available on most streaming services, including Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music. The EP, Vol. 1, consists of five polished, stylistically-different songs that “speak to our influences” of blues, rock and folk, says vocalist and lead guitarist Zach Crouch.

“This EP doesn’t really relegate itself to a specific theme,” Crouch says. “Vol. 1 was recorded with our core four members, Trevor Biggers, Brett Pearson, me, and Eric Picard, to show our abilities and to set a framework moving forward.”

The plan is to release the first three albums in an EP-length format featuring five to six songs each. Crouch hopes Vol. 2 will be out by the end of the year, with recordings starting this summer.

Keep an eye out for an auditory transition between EPs: The band has recruited two new members, who will be featured heavily in Vol 2. Jared Obstfeld is on saxophone and Kevin Marshall plays piano and organ.

“They really add that extra layer of sound I think we’d all been hoping or looking for,” says Crouch.

The Perryville, Md.-based band got its start in playing original music in 2016 when it won that year’s Wilmington battle of the bands, Musikarmageddon, and since has garnered local and regional attention.

Here’s the band’s May and June schedule:

May 5: History Heritage and Hops Fest, Dover

May 11: 1984, Wilmington

May 12: Blue Earl Three-Year Anniversary, Smyrna

June 1: Stitch House Brewery, Wilmington

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