From the Publisher: It’s Only A Number, But…

Turning 60 doesn’t bother me. It’s being 10 years away from 70 that is a bit unsettling. No disrespect to my friends and family who have touched that milestone, but I’m confident you understand what I mean. You can spin some numbers easier than others.

Sixty…the new 50. Sixty…the new middle age. Seventy. Hmmm, perhaps it’s the three syllables that make it sound foreboding.

Health willing, however, I have a decade to prepare for being a septuagenarian. And let’s hope by then people quit using that term. It sounds prehistoric.

So, yes, the publisher of Out & About Magazine will turn 60 at the end of this month. And I’m OK with it. I’m fresh off a visit to Firefly (where I was carded). I’m hanging out with college kids (OK, they’re my college kids and they still need my credit card). And I’m still planning things such as the Halloween Loop (year 37 for those counting), Newark Food & Brew Festival, Taste of Trolley Square, Beer Week….

Yes, I could be working for a living.

When we launched this magazine, way back in March of 1988, our tagline was “A Guide to Good Times.” Sure, it was corny, but I was 31 and my partners were in their 20s. Corny was what we knew.
However, we also knew that people are always looking to be entertained. So, if we could provide a resource that offered a path to that entertainment, it would have value. Especially if it was curated by local talent and presented in an entertaining way. Especially if it was free.

We were right. Out & About will turn 30 next March. Like us or not, there’s no denying we have staying power. So, come next spring, we plan to party…like it’s 1988.

But before we reach that landmark, allow me the privilege that comes with being a sexagenarian (much better term). I’d like to offer 10 bullet points of advice for those new Out & About readers out there—and not-so-new readers. Here goes:

• Be willing to try one bite of any food
• There is no such thing as bad music
• Anyone who tells you a town is boring really means they just
haven’t made friends yet
• Climb a tree, just don’t test your weight on the weakest branch
• Don’t settle, find a job you love
• Today’s novice is tomorrow’s sage
• Do something to make your community better
• Rules were not made to be broken
• Never take good health for granted
• It’s never too late for anything

If it ended tomorrow, I would have few regrets. Having said that, I’d prefer to experience another dozen or so Firefly festivals. And I am curious about what the killer costume will be for the Halloween Loop in 2030.

Partying like it’s 1988. Pulsations was the place to be in the late 1980s, and Out & About was there. (O&A file photo/Lindsay Rudney duPhily)

Partying like it’s 1988. Pulsations was the place to be in the late 1980s, and Out & About was there. (O&A file photo/Lindsay Rudney duPhily)

So, what do you think? Please comment below.