Musikarmageddon Celebrates 10 Years


The annual Wilmington music competition is back. Submissions and nominations are accepted all month.

The annual Musikarmageddon band competition is blaring its way back to Wilmington for the 10th year, with artist nominations and submissions accepted from May 1-27.

A Musikarmageddon Kick-Off Party will be held at Kelly’s Logan House in Wilmington on Thursday, June 9, featuring two winning bands from the past two years, Minshara and Weekday Warriors. Like last year, preliminary shows (with dates TBA) will be held in July and August at 1984, Kelly’s Logan House, Oddity Bar, and World Cafe Live at The Queen, with finals live at the baby grand on Saturday, Oct. 15.

Event founder and prominent area musician Joe Trainor says that Musikarmageddon was something he developed to help bolster the profile of The Grand Opera House on the local music scene and to give bands in that scene an opportunity to perform at the baby grand.
“To see it sustained and continue to grow over the last decade is very satisfying,” Trainor says.

Pam Manocchio, director of community engagement at The Grand, is thrilled that The Grand can showcase local bands, support live music, and promote other venues during the competition.

“It’s been great fun seeing the talent that comes through this battle-of-the-bands each year,” Manocchio says. “They are a big part of what makes Wilmington such a vibrant community. We need these musicians to continue working and creating and playing original music.”

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