A Glint of Game of Thrones in Wilmington


From her studio on Scott Street, Olga Ganoudis designs HBO-commissioned collections and duplicates of jewelry pieces seen on the award-winning show

Throughout the five years that HBO’s Game of Thrones, winner of 26 Emmy Awards, has been on air, Wilmington resident Olga Ganoudis has been designing jewelry collections and the infamous dragon egg products – duplicates of the items seen on the show – for HBO’s website and others. (The show, based on the best-selling fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire, by George R.R. Martin, kicked off its sixth season April 24.)

An internationally renowned designer, Ganoudis, who has managed to keep a low profile at her studio, Olga Ganoudis Jewelry, at 1313 Scott St. in Wilmington, first gained attention with ABC’s Emmy-winning Lost, which ran from 2004-2010. Inspired by the show’s enigmatic symbols and unusual numerology, she designed the “native” necklaces, statement pieces with big stones and metallic and beaded accents, available on the show’s website.

In 2010, one year before Game of Thrones premiered, GoT’s NYC-based product developer contacted Ganoudis and told her that her designs would fit the newly-developing series.

Thrilled, Ganoudis promptly researched the book series. She was eager to start anew after Lost.

A jewelry piece that became popular almost instantly was a necklace inspired by the dragon eggs that character Daenerys Targaryen received as a wedding present in Season One. The necklace has a long chain with a dragon egg on the end. Replicas are available in many colors for purchase on HBO’s website. The eggs sparked inspiration for a line of pieces by Ganoudis, which includes rings, paperweights, wine stoppers, and a display box. She also made a series of rings and necklaces that represent different Game Of Thrones noble families.

A more recent item created by Ganoudis is the replica of the “dark necklace,” first seen at the end of Season Four and worn by the character Sansa Stark. The piece, with a circular pendant, is available on hbo.com.

“I’m always thinking of new stuff, but it takes time,” says Ganoudis. “I don’t know how long it will take to get from idea to product. These opportunities took me completely out of my comfort zone. It’s a constant learning experience, and it has been a great ride.”

She has never met anyone from the show—except the dragons. “They were in New York City at a show,” she says. “Oh, and I have sat on the Iron Throne as well.”

Ganoudis’ handcrafted jewelry is sold at her shop and on her website olgaganoudis.com, while GoT items are available at hbo.com, diamondcomics.com, entertainmentearth.com, and more.

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