Worth Trying – Aug 2015

Suggestions from our staff and contributors

Put a Stop to Telephone Books

You care about the environment and have made personal choices to reduce needless waste: you recycle, use a mulching mower, maybe even drive a fuel-efficient car. You’ve invested in high-efficiency fluorescent light bulbs and opted into every paperless bill available. So isn’t it annoying when an obsolete telephone book is foisted on you every year? Now you can do something about this senseless use of paper. Visit yellowpagesoptout.com and get off the distribution list forever. When you’re there, you can opt out of other mass publications, too.

—Andréa Miller, Contributing Writer

Four Dogs Tavern

This stable-turned-tavern in the historic town of Marshallton, Pa. (just four miles west of West Chester), is a good choice any time of year, but my favorite season to visit is summer. That’s when you can dine al fresco on Four Dog’s sizeable patio, listen to talented local musicians and, yes, bring your dog. Not only are dogs welcome, they are treated like special guests by the staff and many regulars take advantage of the privilege. While the beer list could be expanded, the food is dependable and the atmosphere is tough to beat. Live music is featured on the patio Fridays and Sundays. More info at thefourdogstavern.com

—Jerry duPhily, Publisher

Summer Camp at Ashland Nature Center

My 5-year-old son just finished his third week of camp at Ashland Nature Center in Hockessin and he loved it. Mornings were spent working on crafts and exploring the woods and creek. Each time I picked him up he was wet and dirty—sure signs of a well-spent summer morning. But camp was educational too. Last week we went to the DuPont Environmental Center on the Riverfront. “Look, Oliver! There are two turtles over here,” I said. He responded, “That’s a painted turtle. The other one is a snapping turtle. I learned about them at camp.” The resident naturalist confirmed he was correct. delawarenaturesociety.org.

—Marie Graham Poot, Director of Digital Media & Distribution

Michael Castle Trail

I first discovered this paved cycling and walking trail in early summer, while on a hunt for bicycle-friendly paths with my dad. Our quest ended here, along the C&D Canal, and we’ve returned many times since. Currently just over 10 miles long, the trail begins outside Delaware City and winds along the canal and through picturesque woodland toward Chesapeake City, Md. When finished in December, the trail will be more than 14 miles, with a direct route from one waterfront town to the other. Surrounding the trail is abundant wildlife and scenery; I always spot some sort of bird that I’ve never seen elsewhere, and wildflowers tumble over one another along grassy inclines. The trail is fairly challenging with a few steep hills winding inland, just enough to break up the pleasant flatness that makes up the majority of the ride. For more information on the trail, see pg. 39.

—Krista Connor, Associate Editor

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