By the Numbers – May 2015

A few cycling facts worth noting

ThinkstockPhotos-508011053103,000,000 – The number of Americans who rode a bike last year.

3 – If you cycle this many hours per week, you will cut your risk of heart disease and stroke in half.

1817 – The year Karl von Drais, a German baron, invented a two-wheeled, pedal-less device propelled by pushing his feet against the ground. This “draisine” led to the creation of the bicycle.

ThinkstockPhotos-16093662225,000 – The number of miles Georgia-born Fred A. Birchmore, 25, traveled by bicycle when circling the globe in 1935 (including boat travel, the total journey was 40,000 miles).

15 – The number of bicycles that can be parked in the space required for one car.

ThinkstockPhotos-139537835100,000,000 – The estimated number of bicycles manufactured worldwide each year.

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