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Random suggestions from our staff and contributors

462797831Second Saturday Poets

Meeting, as its name implies, the second Saturday of each month, this group offers amateur poets an opportunity to read their creations and receive positive feedback. Open mic readings are limited to five minutes, while one or two featured readers get 20 minutes. The Jackson Inn, on Lancaster Avenue in Wilmington, hosts these gatherings, which begin at 5 p.m. Drop in, sign up for the open mic, or just have an adult beverage and listen. Folks at the bar are generally quiet and respectful of the group. For more info, contact Barbara Gray at grayBEG@comcast.net.
—Bob Yearick, Contributing Editor

RRK_LogoRiver Rock Kitchen

Last month we had a couple of relatives staying at the Westin on the Riverfront, and we decided to meet them there for breakfast before they left town. We had no expectations, but were more than pleasantly surprised. Everything was prepared to perfection and it was the best breakfast dish I’ve had in a long time. We were so pleased that we’ve already returned—and it was equally as great! Oh, and they’re kid-friendly. Check it out.
—Matthew Loeb, Creative Director

457677707Fairfax Hardware

Sure, Lowe’s and Home Depot have just about everything, and the prices are great, but try finding an employee that actually knows the merchandise. That’s why places such as Fairfax Hardware (Fairfax Shopping Center, North Wilmington) will survive. The staff not only knows the inventory, they seem to relish problem-solving. Not sure how to go about a home repair? They’ll tell you what you need and often how to do it. And they have free calendars—usually with money-saving coupons.
—Jerry duPhily, Publisher

HitRecordHitRecord on TV

HitRecord on TV is the debut television series from HitRecord production company, the brainchild of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Gordon-Levitt, of 50/50 and (500) Days of Summer fame, curates the variety show. HitRecord as a company is “open-source,” meaning any person with a collaborative mind can help produce music, animation or scripts. It’s a mashup of music videos, short stories, live performances, and much more. You not only get to view the short productions, but you’re allowed an inside glimpse at the creative process. HitRecord has won an Emmy for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media. The show is a great reminder of the Internet’s ability to help people connect, collaborate, and create. Episode One is free to view on YouTube, and the complete first season is on Amazon Instant Video.

—Ryan Alexander, Catalyst Visuals, LLC

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