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Brandywine Valley Wine Trail Events185939767 (1)
Spend an afternoon with friends or family playing wine snob and sampling wines, with rolling hills or rustic barns as a backdrop. Brandywine Valley Wine Trail wineries know how to plan laid-back, frolicsome events. February is Wine & Chocolate Month at select wineries on weekends, which features wine and chocolate tastings. Barrels on the Brandywine, each weekend in March, includes tasting options of the new, developing vintage.

— Krista Connor, Associate Editor

Cock484037251tails at Deep Blue
Rosie and Julia know how do to it right. I always leave thinking that I just tasted the best drink I’ve ever had.

— Danielle Quigley, Contributing Photographerold_rasputin

Old Rasputin
North Coast Brewing Co.’s Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout has been the go-to winter stout in our house this year. It’s loaded with coffee and chocolate flavors and packs a bit of a punch at 9 percent abv. I’ve had a hard time finding anything in this style that comes close to topping it.

— Marie Poot, Director of Digital Media

La Fia Bistro’s Artisan Cocktails
La Fia is certainly known for fresh and inventive food, but I also like its creative menu of 100153194cocktails. Grab a seat at the cozy concrete bar and order up an Old Fashioned (classic bourbon and bitters with an orange peel and sugar) or a La Fia Sour (your choice of amaretto or whiskey). They’re sure to warm you up through the winter! (Please drink responsibly…and tip your bartender.)

— Michelle Kramer-Fitzgerald, Contributing Writer

Blanton’s Bourbon
They say the finest bourbon in the world comes from single barrel. They, my friend, are correct. If I’m treating myself to my favorite spirit, I’m seeking out Blanton’s. I’m not going blantons_bourbonto try to impress you with fancy descriptions. I’ll just say it’s damn good and quite smooth. Have a holiday crowd to please? Warm some apple cider on the stovetop, add a bottle of Blanton’s, and serve. I call this one “Rude-On” (as opposed to “Rudolph”).

— Matt Loeb, O&A Creative Director

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