Session Beers for the Super Bowl


Area experts give you an all-star lineup for the perfect big game party

Let’s face it, hosting a Super Bowl party can take a lot of work. Like the victories of any championship team, a good party requires preparation, dedication and attentiveness. When it’s all said and done, you want your guests to feel like you did more than simply throw things together during a haphazard two-minute drill.

Furthermore, just as football demands solid play on both sides of the ball, the best Super Bowl parties feature an all-star lineup of both food and beverages. This month’s O&A certainly offers plenty of options for football-friendly munchies; likewise, if you are looking for a solid game plan for beverages, you’re on the right page.

You definitely will want to keep deep reserves of light beer on hand, but in this craft-centered era, something with a little more oomph is also expected—just so it’s not too filling.

So, as we did last year, we asked area experts what type of session beers they would serve at their Super Bowl parties. Here’s the lineup they suggested:

All-Day-IPA-Bottle-256x790Founders All Day IPA

“From Grand Rapids, Mich., the Founders Brewing Company has put together a winning team of brews. A little research of the company’s history reveals a winning tradition: This brewery makes many highly-rated beers. What’s especially nice about the All Day IPA is that you get all the All-Pro character of a fine, well-balanced craft beer at an ABV (4.7 percent) that is less than most mass-produced domestics. Want a Super Bowl beer that will score points at your party? This one’s a winner.”

—Brian Muchler, Brewers’ Outletlagunitas_daytime

Lagunitas Daytime

“Sometimes you want a beer, yet you realize how much you need to do before you sit down and call it a day. This is it. Nicely dosed with big, round hop flavors and a toasty malt foundation to satisfy your every need. But it still lets you stay in the game to do what needs to be done. One of the best session IPAs around.”

—Jeff Kreston, Kreston Wine & Spirits

North Coast Scrimshaw Pilsner

north_coast_scrimshaw“Here’s the perfect session beer for watching the big game. This European-style pilsner is fresh and light, with a subtle hop character. Very clean with a dry finish. At only 4.5 percent, it lets you enjoy a few without getting burned.”

—Ed Mulvihill, Peco’s Liquors

Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA

“New to the Premier beer portfolio this month, the Hop Hunter is sure to be a best seller and offers the perfect pairing for big game munchies. To all the hop lovers out there, this one is for you. It has a very powerful hop profile, as the brewers from Sierra have introduced a new method to CelebrationAle_2014their brewing process. By using a distilled hop oil fresh from the hop cone, they have found a way to create an unforgettable IPA experience. The smell and taste alone make this the best IPA on the market this winter. Cheers!”

— Michael Whitwell, Premier Wine & Spirits

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